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Karen Thwip

I always use The Pokers when I want to gamble online. The site is really easy to use and the games are all reall y well made. It is so easy to deposit and withdraw money too!

Alan Walters

The Pokers is a really cool way to gamble online. The site is really professional and makes you feel really confident that your money is in safe hands. I recommend it to all of my friends!

Quinn Yolton

I have recently gotten really addcited to online gambling but I found it really hard to find a site that wasn't based around drawing you in to take your money. The Pokers is great because it doesn't pressure you at all! 

The Pokers

Do you love gambling but hate the pressure to play and guilt that you feel when you spend too much money without any wins? Gambling can be a daunting game and there is a lot of negativity centered on the addiction and money loss side of it, but why is that?


You can loose everything

It is a great feeling when you are on top. You have won the last three games and your earnings are just going up and up. But then you loose, your confidence isn't knocked too much as there is still a lot of money in the pot, so you play again. Two more times you loose and you seem to be back near the beginning with just a little bit more than you originally started with. This is usually the time that you would stop, quit while you’re ahead and be happy with whatever winnings you have. For some people though it isn't that easy, and many end up spending more and continually losing until they are quite far into minus. The frustration and guilt can often make you less focused, which is often what contributes to the poor performance. Many people have gone so far as to get into debt and lose everything, from their house and cars to families and jobs.


You can waste your life away

Being addictive, gambling can take up a lot of your time. Many people start with a quick ten minute go on their lunch break and then its a Saturday afternoon too and eventually it is whenever you can get away with being on your phone or computer without anyone realising what you are doing. 


Many sites promote this kind of behaviour. They egg you on to put more money in and take the bigger risk but that is where The Pokers is different. We see gambling for all of its potential but also aim to protect our players from going too far. Here is how we do it:


Proof of earnings

Before you can gamble with us we want you to provide us with proof that you can afford to play regularly. A quick check of your income and expenses helps us to keep on top of whether or not you are spending over your means and we can then offer your friendly and supportive advice to check that you are aware.



If you a re playing a game and are consecutively losing we will prompt you with warnings reminding you of your balance and making sure that you are sure that you want to carry on.



We can provide you with training, tips and advice on how to play effectively. We know that there are strategies and methods for a lot of the games and we know that if you learn them you will be able to play in a professional way without making silly mistakes. It will lower your risk or losing and help you to know which games to play and when!